Frequently Asked Question

Find out the questions that comes up often

Who is Kimberly Billingslea

Kimberly Billingslea is a Life Coach, she helps clients transition their lives in their personally life to become empowered

Can I share my process?

Yes, only with a written contract. Each session is private and confidentiality is key. You can only share once a contract is signed and submitted. After you complete your entire coaching session fully

Who do you coach?

Ideal clients are motivated to change, take responsibility for actions, have the will power to succeed no matter what.

How will your coaching help?

Each session is designed just for you. You will take proven steps to go to the next level each week

Can I receive a refund?

No, refunds are issued. Each session can pause for a later time.

Do I really need a coach?

Yes, for your personally benefits to improve the quality of your success in your personal life.