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How To Build Confidence

Do you believe confidence is all about walking into a room and all eyes are on the person?



Confidence is bigger than that confidence is walking into a room and not allowing people to change you based on how someone feels about you.

Let me go deeper, READY!

Confidence is SILENCE


Silence does not require attention. A confident person does not need all the attention in the room.

Do you know the loudest person is sometimes the most insecure person in the room?

When someone is always looking for everyone’s attention that speaks out loud. 

When people want to know who you are without you coming in the room, demanding attention. That’s confidence.

Dressing in the best clothes doesn’t mean you have confidence, it just simply means you have style and that’s GOLDEN.

I want you to understand this commanding attention just simply shows to most people that a person is lacking something.

Silence brings the people to you.

If you do not believe me, look at the most successful people in the WORLD.

Their work ethic is out of this world, and for most of the people that are extremely successful, you do not even know their names. 

Their work speaks, and their silence brings people to them because they’re NOT chasing after success or people.

People are waiting around the corner for this ONE person. 

Research many successful people, and check out the names of people who are behind the success story.


Social media has proven people are craving for attention

Some people will do anything for attention, just to laugh at secretly by viewers

Keep in mind social media is entertainment. Living to have people laugh at you, and not with you is insane.

What are you doing in your life to become successful?


 Building success to build confidence in your life will take you so far in life

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