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How To Use The Client Portal

Whew! You took the leap.


I am going to give you a quick idea of how the Client Portal works. Once you have become approved after your enrollment than you booked your paid appointment. 

It’s now time to get excited. 

The clock begins to tick and your mind is going all over the place.

One your wondering about your decision, and your nervous all at the same time. 

In this article, I will give you some clear details, “How the client portal works.”
You will receive a notice on your phone, and your email. It depends on what you information you have provided.

Than a link will be sent to you, and now here comes the SURPRISE!

You are now, ready to receive flood of information sent to your phone, or computer.

You’re now on the first step towards your session.

Now it’s time to pay for your session.

Once you have receive your important information, along with flood of paper work

Your coaching session BEGINS.

If you haven’t enroll, make sure you enroll 

Click link below

Client Enrollment

Ready to start on your journey towards success in your life. Enroll to receive boot camp style coaching with an smile

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Business Tips & More!

We’d love to keep you updated

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