Refund Policy

Refund Policy 

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When making a purchase on the website for coaching sessions each sessions are as followed ALL services, online classes are NON-REFUNDABLE

When making purchases on the website for Products, PLEASE understand due to COVID-19 and going further ALL products are NON-REFUNDABLE

If you have further questions regarding the refund policy, make sure you email the business email and the email listed below here:

Business Email:

PRODUCTS PROCESS  ( Coffee Mug Only)

Once your itemed is delivered with proof of a picture and receipt. Only coffee mugs within 7 days of your proof of receiving your coffee mug. Tracking number MUST be included in email, picture of damage, date it was sent, what happened when you received your item. 

If you have purchased a coffee mug, it’s important to take a picture if you have a damage item for an additional item to be replaced.

The following directions include:  Item cannot be returned, once it’s approve for a replacement. It’s important to send shipping fee.

You will be notified once your item is replaced and on it’s way with a tracking number. Replacement items are only for coffee mugs (only) and one time only