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Secret’s To Finding YOU! Again

Have you ever been through so much in your life, you almost lost YOU!

Maybe you have experience abusive pattern of toxic relationships, connecting with toxic friends, abusive relationships. Maybe you have found yourself believing your living in the norm. When everyone around you see something is WRONG, but YOU!

I want you to know that you’re in the best place right now, in your life. You’re searching online for what you can discover in your life towards becoming greater than you have ever been in your life.

It’s time to stop the games and look directly in the mirror, because if you desire real change, first you have to delve deep. Yes!!!!

I said it, you have to get too the root of the inner healing to overcome it.

Are you in a toxic relationship with yourself? Are you dealing with someone in your life, right now that’s toxic but you just can’t seem to break free from the person?

If that’s you, I want to tell you a SECRET….

Are you ready? You maybe toxic, too.


I know, I know I am stepping on some BIG TOES right now.

You see sometimes, when you point the finger at the person that’s toxic, have you ever thought. “Why, did YOU connect with a toxic person?”

Have you ever come to the conclusion, that you may have some toxic traits.

Sometimes in life, when a person has experience so much in their life, what happens is those toxic traits that’s rooted within the person. It started from somewhere, “Right?”

Maybe when you was younger, and around toxic people. Those traits developed in your life without you realizing it. 

I can delve deeper into this, so I am going direct you to a powerful guidebook that I have written to help you. 

When you purchase the eBook. I will breakdown the cycles of coming from reckless to becoming empowered in your life.


Experience being on the greatness journey towards becoming empowered from reckless living to understanding how to beat the odds.

You can do it.

If you know someone who have been going through some setback, or traits that has been hindering their success towards becoming empowered in  life. 

Purchase it, just for the one you love.



So you maybe asking the question, how can reading one book define my chapter for greatness.

Let me explain this, reading opens your mind to new height’s of a world you never knew of, with knowledge, wisdom, and powerful information in this book called,  ” 7 Secrets To & Become Empowered” Guidebook will give powerful tools, that I have personally experience from my own life.

I discovered the most POWERFUL hidden secrets, that I never knew. 

When I started on my journey it felt great, but it wasn’t easy. I knew I just had to keep pushing forward towards becoming empowered in my life towards SUCCESS!

Discover the hidden 7 secrets, I know it’s worth every cent!

You will have your very own eBook of what it takes to get to the next chapter in your life.

Many people will not be pleased with the offer of $35.00 but trust me this is of great value, and this price is low!

If you want to learn how to apply all 7 secrets in your life, book an appointment with me!


Book Appointment with me on your journey of becoming empowered in your life with 

Life Coach- Kimberly Billingslea

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Business Tips & More!

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